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This is how America will deal with threats from China, Russia will launch a new spy satellite



The American space team will launch a satellite this summer to track Chinese or Russian space vehicles. Who has the ability to sabotage rotating objects in the room. America has taken this new step amid the ongoing space war between the superpowers. If the crew and space analysts are to be believed, the “silent huckster” will be the first network of its kind linking sensors on the ground and satellites in low orbit. This satellite will be installed about 35,400 km above the earth and will rotate at the same speed, called geosynchronous orbit.

what can the silent barker do
According to Bloomberg, the space team developing this satellite and the National Reconnaissance Office said in its statement that it will have the ability to warn and report threats against high-value US systems. Not only that, it will also be able to search, locate and track objects from space to detect danger in time.

The Silent Barker satellite group will launch in July. The launch date will be announced 30 days in advance on Facebook and Twitter. Silent Barker is a response to the decision by China and Russia to develop a system capable of ejecting another satellite as soon as it is launched into orbit. That’s the thing that troubled America.

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“The new constellation of satellites will significantly improve space crew’s ability to track orbiting satellites that could damage our satellites,” said Sarah Mineiro, former chief of staff of the Armed Services Committee’s Strategic Subcommittee. who oversees space programs. dramatic change.

What stage of China was threatening America
Silent Barker detects the limits of surveillance systems on the ground or in low orbit and helps the United States know what is happening in space. In this year’s annual assessment, the director of national intelligence said China has weapons that target US and partner satellites. And these operations can possibly be carried out within the framework of the military operation of the PLA.

According to the Defense Intelligence Agency report in 2022, the Chinese SJ-21 satellite which was launched in 2021 and later this inactive satellite was fired into a higher orbit hundreds of kilometers away. Similarly, Sijian-17, which has a robotic arm, can be used to capture other satellites. Silent Barker will be able to track satellites like SJ-21. The space team and NRO did not give information on the number of satellites that will be grouped in Silent Barker. It is just information that it will include multiple space vehicle.

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