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This town is troubled by 1.8 crore of rats, the expert who exterminates them will get a bundle of crores



The American city of New York is troubled by rats. In such a situation, the city is looking for an expert who can get rid of it. In 2014, it was estimated that every person in New York City had two rats, which means the rat population here is now around 18 million. To get rid of the rats, the New York government is looking to hire an expert. And the right candidate will be paid up to $170,000 or around one crore Rs 13 lakh for it.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, advertisements were published in the newspaper about it. Accordingly, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree. In addition, these people must have the determination to fight the real enemy. And those experts should have killer instincts. The ad further reads, “Clever, voracious and prolific, New York’s rats are renowned for their survival skills, but they don’t run this city – we do.”

laws are changed

Up to 70% of rat complaints were resolved in the first eight months of 2022 compared to two years ago. New laws are also being introduced to end the rat menace that prohibits New Yorkers from taking out their trash before 8 p.m. Currently, garbage can be thrown outside homes anytime after 4 p.m.

hate rats

During the signing of the bill last month, Mayor Eric Adams delivered a deliberate message when he said, “I made it clear that I hate rats and that we are going to kill rats. The new role was announced just a week after the administration asked agencies to cut 4,700 positions due to budget shortfalls.

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