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This woman, who remained pregnant for 12 years, is the mother of half a dozen children! Planning to expand the family again



The feeling of becoming parents to any couple is very special. When a mother kisses her child for the first time and a father takes his child on his lap, it becomes the most beautiful moment of his life. But as a woman, the life of a mother is full of challenges. This is the reason why nowadays women don’t want to have more than 1-2 children. But an American woman must think quite differently from that. She is desperate to keep growing her family and is already a mother to over half a dozen children (the wife has 7 children wants more), but she wants to be a mother again.

mother of 7 wants more baby 1

The woman told on social networks in which years she was pregnant. (Photo: tiktok/@arielctyson)

According to The Sun website report, Tennessee (USA), Ariel Tyson is a social media influencer. More than 8 lakh people follow him on Instagram. She often continues to post funny videos related to her life. They have 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl. One of her children had passed away and together with her husband and wife, Ariel’s family consists of 9 people. Despite this, she wants to have more children and wants to expand her family.

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