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Thousands of rats have raised tension in this town, entire population could be at risk of Covid, shocking claim in study



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Millions of rats have sown terror in New York.
These rats can make the population of the city a victim of the Covid.
Researchers from the University of Missouri have studied this.

Washington: New York City has long been looking for a way to get rid of rats. A study has made a shocking claim. The study indicates that the risk of spreading the corona virus from millions of rats has increased. Researchers from the University of Missouri have studied this. According to the researchers, if such a large number of rats are infected, the population of the city will again be in the grip of corona. Sky News reported that there are around eight million wild rats in the Big Apple, i.e. New York, and they are also widely distributed in other cities in America.

According to the Sky News report, this study was published in the mBio Journal of the American Society for Microbiology. The researchers said rats can also be affected by all corona variants like humans. According to scientists, it is not yet known how these wild rats can become infected, for this they will have to do their own research and infect them. For research, those rats should be captured that live near the sewage system. This operation will be done in Brooklyn with the authorization of the local authorities. Similar research was conducted by the scientists between September and November 2021. Samples were taken from 79 captured rats and found that 13 of them were infected with the corona virus.

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In New York, people are getting rat complaints on a massive scale. There is also a waste management problem here. The rat population is also increasing due to increased litter. Statistics show that the rat population has increased by 70% over the past year. At the same time, negligence in cleanliness increased by 80%. A campaign is also underway to eradicate rats in New York. But opposition parties call the campaign a plot to divert attention. On this subject, city hall officials have traveled to Greece, Israel and Argentina to study the way in which they manage their waste.

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