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Tire Nichols case: 5 police officers beat 1 young black man to death, protests across America, fresh George Floyd memories…



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5 cops brutally beat 1 young black man in America
The deceased has been identified as Tyr Nichols
US President Joe Biden has expressed his grief when remembering George Floyd

Washington. In the US state of Tennessee, a murder case has been filed against five police officers for beating a black man to death, reminiscent of the George Floyd incident. Video of the incident was released Friday by the Memphis Police Department, in which Memphis police officers’ hatred of the black man was seen. In the video, five Memphis police officers are seen brutally beating the late Tyr Nichols. US President Joe Biden also expressed his anger, he said that “I saw the video of the beating of Tire Nichols, I am very sad that an innocent man had to lose his life”.

According to the AP news agency report, the viral video is 3 minutes long, while the video released by the police is 1 hour long. In which 5 Memphis police officers are seen brutally beating 29-year-old Tire Nichols. Nichols’ death sparked protests across America. Relatives of the deceased have urged supporters to demonstrate peacefully.

“Scandalized by the death of Tyr Nichols”
President Joe Biden tweeted about the incident, he wrote, “My heart goes out to the family of Tire Nichols and to Americans in Memphis and across the country who mourn this very painful incident. I have no words to describe the pain and grief of losing a dear child and a young father. He called for a peaceful protest by protesters.

Memories of George Floyd are fresh
George Floyd was an American citizen of African descent. In fact, a shopkeeper had filed a police complaint against George for using counterfeit bills. When George denied this, the police threw him to the ground. After that, Floyd’s neck was held continuously pressed for 9 minutes 29 seconds, due to which he lost his life. Video of the whole incident went viral on the internet, with Floyd constantly saying “I can’t breathe”. After this incident, there was a lot of criticism against the American police. There were nationwide protests against apartheid and racism. People strongly protested against apartheid with ‘Black Lives Matter’ poster.

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