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Tomatoes grown in the ISS lab in space are leaving for Earth today, NASA will livestream



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The tomato grown in an ISS laboratory is brought to earth.
NASA said space-grown tomatoes will return to Earth on April 15 from SpaceX’s cargo spacecraft.
These tomatoes were grown in a small greenhouse on the International Space Station.

Florida. The US space agency NASA has announced that tomatoes grown in space on the International Space Station-ISS will return to Earth on April 15 via a SpaceX CRS-27 cargo resupply spacecraft. This spacecraft will bring about 2,000 kg of science supplies and experiments. CRS-7 will depart the ISS at 10:45 a.m. EST (8:15 p.m. Indian time). NASA said its live coverage can also be seen. NASA said in a blog post that astronauts grew this dwarf tomato variety in a very small greenhouse on the Earth-orbiting ISS.

Three harvests of these tomatoes were taken to the International Space Station-ISS in approximately 90, 97 and 104 days. After that, these tomatoes were frozen and tested for their nutritional value. NASA said the ability to grow plants in space for fresh food and to improve the crew’s life experience for future long-duration missions is very important. NASA said such experiments can be adapted for use on Earth so that fresh food and drink can be obtained even without gardens.

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Other cargo brought to Earth from the ISS includes crystals produced by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan’s space agency. Crystal growth methods can aid in the development of more efficient solar cells and semiconductor-based electronics. Samples from some experiments involving blood conducted by the Canadian Space Agency are also returning to Earth. Scientific samples will be transported to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida after arriving on Earth. So that researchers can collect data with minimal exposure to Earth’s gravity.

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