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Took a little too much action… Why didn’t China talk to America on the phone, alleged Dragon and explained the real reason



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China and America face to face over spy balloons
China refused to talk to America on the phone
America says Chinese spy balloon is in over 40 countries

Chinese spy balloon: China’s Defense Ministry said it refused to speak to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on the phone after the US destroyed the Chinese spy balloon. Meanwhile, the United States has stepped up diplomatic efforts to expose China’s surveillance balloon program to its friends and allies, especially its “Quad” (four-party security dialogue) partners – Australia, India and Japan.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said in a statement released late Thursday after the United States destroyed the balloon that the US decision “seriously violates international standards and sets a disastrous precedent.” Tan said that this irresponsible and completely wrong approach by the United States has not created an environment conducive to dialogue and exchanges between the two militaries and that is why China has not accepted the American proposal of a call. telephone call between the two defense ministers.

China said – took more action than necessary
Beijing said the United States had “overreacted” by destroying the ball, which China called “irresponsible”. Meanwhile, senior US administration officials said on Thursday that China’s balloon monitoring program had affected at least 40 countries, including the United States, but declined to name the countries where the balloons have been. seen so far.

China spy with balloons, tried in 40 countries, US claim caused a stir, do you know what the dragon said?

China sends surveillance balloons to 40 countries
China has denied running such a program. But the United States said it was working to take action, including banning organizations and companies promoting such programs in China. “We detected this system early and took careful action, so we were able to reduce its intelligence-gathering potential,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a press conference.
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He said that, but it wouldn’t be possible for every country to do that, and therefore the United States would provide information to those countries that might be helpful in protecting against that kind of program. He said that this work of China has spread to 40 countries on five continents. The United States destroyed a large balloon in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of South Carolina on Saturday with the help of a fighter jet, which entered US airspace on January 30. Afterwards, the United States shared this information with its Quad allies and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies. Price said the United States was looking to form a formal coalition of countries targeted by this type of program.

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