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Traumatic accident in Maldives due to fire, 10 killed; 9 Indian workers also included



Man: Bad news has come from Malé, the capital of the Maldives. A massive fire broke out in houses built for foreign workers in Male today, that is Thursday, in which 10 people were burned to death. 9 Indian workers are among the 10 people who died in this accident, while another deceased was a resident of Bangladesh. Some people were also injured in this fire.

Officials said 10 bodies were found on the top floor of a building destroyed in the fire. It was said that there was a garage on the ground floor of this building and after the fire broke out there the whole building fell under its grip and seeing the fire balloon started to s ‘rise in the sky and shout all around. Officials said nine Indians and one Bangladeshi were among the dead.

A fire official said it took about four hours to extinguish the fire. Meanwhile, the Indian High Command in the Maldives expressed their condolences and said that we are deeply saddened by the tragic fire in Male, in which many people, including Indian citizens, lost their lives. We are in close contact with the Maldivian authorities.

Not only that, the Indian High Command also released a hotline number in a statement posted on Twitter. He is mentioned in these two for any kind of help +9607361452; Can be contacted at +9607790701 numbers. At the same time, Maldivian political parties have criticized the conditions of foreign workers.

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