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Trump could return to the United States, nearly 80% of Americans reject Biden in a CBS survey!



Strong points

79% of respondents described the current situation as “out of control”
Only 26% optimistic about Biden in the United States
56% of respondents rejected Biden as president

Washington, A new survey amid America’s upcoming midterm elections has heightened concern for the Biden administration. According to a Monday poll by CBS News-YOUGOV, nearly eight in 10 Americans believe the government is not in control. The survey, ahead of the November 8 midterm elections, found that 79% of people saw the current situation as “out of control”, while 21% disagreed. While 73% of potential voters see things going “somewhat” or “very badly” in the United States, only 26% are optimistic about Biden.

56% reject Biden
In the survey, 56% of people rejected Biden as president. While 44% had a positive opinion of their performance. Republicans are in a strong position to win a majority of House seats today, according to CBS. In the basic survey model, the Republicans lead with 228 seats, while the Democratic Party appears to get only 207 seats.

Voters polled said if Republicans win, more than half expect them to push for increased US energy production, impeach Biden, ban abortion and reverse the victory Democrat in the polls. Meanwhile, if Democrats retain a majority in the House, respondents should try to pass legislation guaranteeing the national right to abortion, opening the border with Mexico, cutting police funding and increase social security.

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