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Trump’s difficulties have increased! Donald Trump, a writer, has filed a new lawsuit against the former US president – Reuters



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Author files new lawsuit against former President Donald Trump.
The writer has previously accused Trump of rape.

New York. An author who accused former US President Donald Trump of rape in 1990 filed a new complaint against him here on Thursday. A new law in the state allows victims of sexual violence to press charges even against crimes committed decades ago. Writer E. Jean Carroll filed a lawsuit minutes after the law took effect.

Carroll’s attorney filed legal documents electronically as part of the temporary waiver of the time limit for filing a sexual assault complaint under the “Adult Survivors Act.” Carroll sought compensation for pain and suffering, mental damage, loss of dignity and reputation, and punishment for the defendant.

Carroll, who wrote a longtime column for Elle magazine, first alleged in a 2019 book that Trump raped her in the dressing room of a luxury department store in Manhattan in late 1995 or in early 1996. did. Trump responded to these allegations by saying it could never happen because Carroll was “not my ‘type’.” After that, Carroll also filed a libel suit against Trump.

Previously, under the law, Carroll had been barred from filing a rape complaint against Trump due to the passage of several years since the alleged incident. Recently, former US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he is joining the race for the White House for the third time. He made the announcement amid the Republican Party’s poor performance in the midterm elections and the legal investigation against him in other cases, including the Mar-a-Lago club.

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