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Turkey-Syria earthquake: 15,000 dead so far due to Turkey-Syria earthquake, lives die under debris, read latest 10 updates



simple. Due to the devastation of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the death toll has exceeded 15,000. Amid widespread devastation, the death toll continues to rise. More than 50,000 people are said to be injured. At the same time, a large number of people are still trapped under the rubble. Many countries including India, China and America have sent aid to Turkey and Syria. This includes rescue teams as well as medical provisions and rescue equipment.

At the same time, earthquakes are still constantly felt in Turkey and Syria. In this episode, according to the United States Geological Survey, the tremors of a magnitude 4.3 earthquake were again felt in the Turkish city of Noordagi. After the devastation caused by the earthquake, people trapped under the debris may still be alive. In view of this, relief and rescue work continues with great caution, with those alive searching for their loved ones in the pile of debris. The excavation of the debris continues day and night. At the same time, due to the increasing cold and snowfall, there is a problem in the rescue operation. People buried under the rubble in freezing temperatures now face many challenges.

According to statistics, about one million people are involved in the rescue operation to safely remove people trapped under debris in Turkey and Syria, in which trend teams from different countries are also involved. However, the number of lifeguards is still very low. People are screaming from inside the rubble, but there is no one to pull them out. Let us know the major Turkey-Syria earthquake updates…

Officials and doctors said Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed 15,000 people in Turkey and Syria. As the rescue operation progresses rapidly, the number of dead and injured also increases.

Giving details of “Operation Dost”, the Foreign Ministry (MEA) said on Wednesday that ten Indian nationals are stranded in remote parts of earthquake-hit Turkey and one national is missing.

Giving information, the Foreign Ministry official said that 10 Indian citizens are safe. Along with this, he also said that the missing Indian citizen was on a business trip in Turkey to Malta. Sanjay Verma, Secretary (West) of the Ministry of External Affairs said Indians are relatively safe in Turkey. He said the government is in contact with family members of the missing Indian in Turkey.

The World Health Organization is deploying specialist teams and flights with medical supplies to Turkey and Syria after Monday’s devastating earthquake. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a press briefing on Wednesday that a three-person team would also leave for service coordination.

Turkish police have arrested five people for “provocative posts” on social media about the deadly earthquake in Turkey, according to a tweet from Turkish police. At the same time, 18 people were arrested.

Twitter has been banned in Turkey, the Netblox Internet Observatory announced on Wednesday, two days after a major earthquake killed more than 15,000 people in southern Turkey and northern Syria.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is due to visit Pazarkık, the epicenter of Monday’s earthquake, and Hatay province, the worst hit by the disaster, amid calls for more government aid to the stricken region.

Even two days after the massive devastation caused by the devastating earthquake, there are very few incidents where people have been safely extracted from the rubble. Most of the corpses are found in the rubble. In addition, the freezing cold and continuous light tremors (aftershocks) made the rescue work more difficult.

At the same time, the situation in neighboring Syria is even worse. The quake also affected towns and villages abandoned by government and rebels during the conflict in a country ravaged by 12 years of civil war and a refugee crisis. In these towns/villages, the voices of people crying out for help are tired.

India has announced its intention to help Syria within the framework of the G-20. India is constantly engaged in helping Turkey and Syria. At present, many NDRF teams are busy rescuing people in Turkey.

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