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Twitter: The stick will work on the fake account! Companies will soon have accounts linked to them, see Musk’s plan



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Twitter will soon allow businesses to identify Twitter accounts linked to them
Elon Musk gave this information on Twitter on Sunday.
New leadership prepares to crack down on fake Twitter accounts

New Delhi. Billionaire owner Elon Musk has made headlines due to Twitter’s constant changes since buying microblogging site Twitter. Musk said Sunday that Twitter will soon allow businesses to identify Twitter accounts linked to them. Because the new owners of Twitter are looking for ways to limit fake accounts on the platform. Musk tweeted about it on Sunday. Musk said in his tweet that “will happen soon.”

According to Reuters news agency, the Tesla CEO further said in his tweet that Twitter will allow companies to identify other Twitter accounts that are actually linked to them. However, he did not explain in detail about it. Significantly, the social media platform shut down its recently announced $8 subscription service BlueTick on Friday as fake accounts surged. And new owner Elon Musk has brought back the “official” badge for some users of the social media platform.

Fake accounts from many major brands, including Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX as well as Roblox, Nestlé and Lockheed Martin, have been known to be exposed with blue ticks. Musk said in a tweet yesterday that Twitter Blue would likely be back late next week. On the other hand, Musk had also expressed on Thursday the possibility of a bankruptcy of the social media platform.

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Meanwhile, Casey Newton, a reporter for publishing platform Tech, tweeted on Sunday. Casey Newton said in his tweet that Twitter had laid off 4,400 of its 5,500 contract employees. This reduction should have a significant impact on content moderation and basic infrastructure services. As of now, there have been no comments from Twitter on this.

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