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Two substances mixed by mistake became a poisonous gas, it was used during the world war! dismissed employee



A supermarket is a store where items related to household goods and many other things are available. In such a situation, the personnel working in these stores are given special information about the goods so that they do not misuse them or neglect their safety. But recently, an employee working in a supermarket in America (a woman makes poison gas in a supermarket) unknowingly made such a mistake that she was fired immediately. He accidentally mixed the two substances, which produced a highly toxic gas.

According to the report of the Daily Star News site, a woman working in a supermarket in Chicago (Chicago, USA) was fired from her job. Elaf Adam happened to work at an outlet for the American retail company Target. One day, she accidentally mixed bleach and all-purpose cleaner, Fabuloso. By doing this, mustard gas (Mustard gas in supermarkets, USA) was formed, which is very poisonous.

a woman makes poison gas in a licensed supermarket

The woman announced that she had been fired on social media. (Photo: ealafaaada/Tiktok via Daily Star)

fired for making poison gas
When the manager saw this, he fired Elaf from his job with immediate effect. According to the report, the woman made a video about her sad experience and posted it on social media site Tiktok, which is going viral. The woman said in the video that she thought mixing anything with anything wouldn’t make a difference. But when he mixed cleaner with bleach, mustard gas was formed. For this reason, on February 17, the woman was fired. The woman said that when the manager said he would fire her, she herself quit. He said he had no idea this would happen and it was wrong to be fired for mistakes, however, he is happy to quit the job because he felt depressed while working there.

This gas can kill
The New Jersey Department of Health has said mustard gas is highly toxic and can burn the skin, as well as severely damage the lungs. Not only that, breathing the gas for a long time also leads to death. Let us tell you that this gas was used during the First World War due to which about 1.2 lakh people died. According to the History Channel report, this gas was first used by the German military during the World War.