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Uganda: Indian businessman shot dead by police, case registered



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A 24-year-old Indian businessman was killed by a police officer in the Ugandan town of Kisoro.
Police officer Ilioda Gumijamu (21) was arrested for murder.
The Ministry of External Affairs has spoken with the High Commissioner in Kenya.

Johannesburg. A 24-year-old Indian businessman was reportedly shot dead by a police officer in the Ugandan town of Kisoro. The deceased has been identified as Kuntz Patel. According to information from the Daily Monitor newspaper, police officer Ilioda Gumizamu (21) from the Field Force Unit (FFU) has been arrested for murder. On October 27, while trying to escape from the crime scene, he was arrested and handed over to the police.

The newspaper quoted regional police spokesman Eli Matt as saying the accused officer, along with other men, went to an Indian merchant’s store and shot him in the chest. The policeman was arrested. He was arrested at Kisoro police station for questioning. “The victim was admitted to St. Francis Hospital at Mutalere in Kisoro district in critical condition,” Matt said. According to the police, Patel died a few hours later.

The External Affairs Ministry said in New Delhi that Indian High Commissioner to Kenya Namgya Khampa had met with Kenyan President William Samoi Ruto and asked him to speed up the investigation into the case. District Commissioner Shafiq Sekandi, a resident of Kisoro, told the Daily Monitor that Gumijamu had been in the police force for four years.

Patel, originally from Thasra in Kheda district, had moved to Uganda four years ago with his wife to work in his cousin’s hardware store. According to local media, Gumijamu told police he killed Patel for “misidentification”.

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