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Uganda: Terrorists storm dormitories, kill 41 including 38 students by slitting their throats



Kampala. A major terrorist attack took place on Friday at a school in Maponwe, located near the Congolese border in western Uganda. At least 41 people died in the attack by terrorists belonging to the Islamic State here. Reporting on Saturday, army and police officials said of the 41 people killed in the attack, 38 were school children and many of them died from burns.

Rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which have been attacking for years from bases in restive eastern Congo, attacked Lubiriha secondary school in the border town of Mpondwe on Friday, police said. Among those killed in this attack by the rebels are 38 students, a guard and two residents.

students cut with knives
Investigators said dormitories were set on fire and several students were stabbed to death in the brutal nighttime attack by the ADF, one of the least lethal groups deployed in the eastern part of DR Congo plagued by conflict.

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Meanwhile, Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) Spokesman Felix Kulayegi said in a statement: “Unfortunately, 37 bodies were found there, which were taken to the morgue of the ‘Bawera Hospital’. Along with this, he said 8 people were injured in this attack, while six others were abducted and taken by the attackers to Virunga National Park, which is surrounded by the DR Congo border.

Along with this, he said, “the UPDF started hunting down the criminals to rescue the kidnapped students”.

It is the deadliest attack in Uganda since the twin bombings in Kampala in 2010. 74 people died in the attack, while 85 others were injured. The Somalia-based al-Shabaab group later claimed responsibility for the attack.

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