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Ukraine: Doctors perform heart surgery with mobile flashlight amid missile attacks, watch viral video



Viral video: Russia’s violent attacks on many cities in Ukraine continue. In recent days, Russia has carried out several missile attacks, due to which the power supply has been interrupted in many regions, including the capital Kyiv. The situation has worsened due to continuous snowfall. Meanwhile, doctors work there continuously despite the harsh conditions. Last week, doctors here performed open-heart surgery under the flashlight of a mobile. Let us tell you that Russia attacked Ukraine in February this year. Since then, the war between the two countries has continued uninterrupted.

Last week, a 14-year-old boy was undergoing open-heart surgery in a hospital in Kyiv when there was a power outage. After that, the surgery was completed in the light of the mobile. Speaking to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Dr Mikhail Zagrichuk, a transplant surgeon at the hospital, said: ‘They managed to complete this operation, and luckily this child survived and the operation was successful. But the first seconds… it was terrible.

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