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Ukraine faces ‘serious’ crisis as dam collapses, 6,000 people rescued so far



Washington: A senior UN official warned on Friday that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine was “much worse” than previously thought following the collapse of the Kakhovka dam. Deputy General Secretary Martin Griffiths said around 700,000 people need clean water. He warned that flooding in Ukraine, the world’s largest grain producer, would reduce grain exports, raise food prices around the world and leave millions in need destitute.

Griffiths said in an interview with ‘Associated Press’ (AP), “It is a serious problem. But the truth is that this is only the beginning of the consequences of this development.” Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February last year, there was a lot of damage to infrastructure in the region.The country, which has faced continuous missile and drone attacks for a year, has increased its difficulties due to of the collapse of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam on Tuesday and its flow into the Dnieper River.

Russia seized this dam, considered very important for the supply of fresh water and irrigation of southern Ukraine, in September last year. Dozens of towns and villages along the coast were flooded and more than 6,000 people were evacuated to safer locations after the Kakhovka dam burst and water spilled into the Dnieper, officials said. officials.

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According to officials in Ukraine and Moscow, around 20 people died in the flooding. However, this could not be independently confirmed. Griffiths said the United Nations has provided humanitarian aid to more than 30,000 people in flood-affected areas under Ukraine’s control. He said, however, that Russia had not allowed the UN to help flood victims in areas under its control.

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