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Ukraine: Owner’s family members died in missile attack, then dog cried sitting on rubble of house; watch the video



Viral video: Animals are also very emotional like us. By living with human beings, they also become companions in happiness and sorrow. One of these videos is going viral these days. This video is from Ukraine. In the midst of the ongoing war with Russia, all members of a family were killed in a missile attack, then the dog started crying as he sat on the rubble of the house. The dog’s owner, Natalia, her children Vasilisa and Ivan, their grandmother Alla and their other dog, Jack, were killed in the attack.

This video is very emotional. People were trying to pull this dog named Krem out of the rubble, but he refuses to move there. She is very sad. He is looking for his owners among the rubble where his house was.

all are dead
Let us tell you, the children’s father was on the battlefield to compete with Russia. It is said that he had left Krem and his family with Grandma before going to war so that the whole family could live together. Dnipro Mayor Filatov told the media: “You saw that after the attack there were big potholes here. Grandmother Alla, mother Natasha, her daughter Vasilisa, her 12-year-old son Ivan, another 8-year-old son, as well as a small pet dog, Jack, all died.

destruction everywhere
At least 25 people were reportedly killed in an attack on a town in Dnipropetrovsk province in central Ukraine. In the meantime, around 50 other people were injured and around 60 buildings were damaged, including an apartment building, a school, a store and several administrative buildings.

Putin’s announcement
Let us tell you that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to formally incorporate four regions of Ukraine into the Russian Federation. Announcing this at a ceremony hosted by the Kremlin at Moscow’s grand St. George’s Hall to announce the annexation of occupied parts of Ukraine, Putin said the inclusion of these territories in Russia is “the choice of millions people” who have a relationship with the Russian Federation. There is a common story. Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya were declared included in Russia. (with language input)

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