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Ukraine Russia War: Did Ukraine fire a missile at Poland? It was a ploy to bring NATO into the war! Shocking evidence found in investigation – did ukraine launch missile attack on poland was it a ploy to bring nato into the war shocking evidence found in preliminary investigation – News84Media America



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The missile fell in the village of Prezvodo, about 6.4 kilometers west of the Ukrainian border.
Initial investigation suggests missile that hit Poland was fired by Ukrainian military
Much of Ukraine’s missile fleet is also made in Russia.

Brussels, Since the death of 2 people due to the fall of a Russian missile in Poland, the fear of a war between NATO and Russia is skyrocketing. The missile fell in the village of Prezvodo, located about 6.4 kilometers west of the Ukrainian border, killing two people. As NATO member countries discuss the possibility of Article 4 and Article 5 after this missile attack on Poland, Ukraine’s hand is being pushed forward in the initial investigation. According to a report by the AP news agency, preliminary findings suggest that the missile that hit Poland was fired by the Ukrainian military.

US officials say
The Associated Press reported Wednesday, citing US officials, that preliminary findings suggest the missile that struck Poland was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile. Even before that, Biden had said it was possible that this missile was not fired by Russia. On the other hand, News84Media had indicated in its report that the missile fired to stop the Russian missile may have missed and fell in Poland. Since much of the missile near Ukraine is also made in Russia, it was possible that the Russian missile debris found in Poland was due to the same reason.

A plot to throw NATO into the war?
After Ukraine entered Poland, it is said that this may have been done to throw NATO into the war. Even after the missile fell on Poland, Ukraine took no responsibility for the misfire. At the same time, Poland’s repeated accusations against Russia with claims also reinforce this apprehension. However, after the US President’s denial, there was a damper on the possibility of NATO going to war with Russia.

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