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Ukraine-Russia war: Russian missiles have taken their toll, people are suffering without electricity or water



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On Monday, Russia attempted to destroy Ukraine’s power supply by launching a major missile attack.
The ever-increasing cold and pressure on Ukraine’s already strained infrastructure is increasing.
Two people were killed in the central region of Zaporizhzhya by Russian missiles.

Kyiv. Russia again tried to destroy the power supply across the country by attacking Ukraine in large numbers with deadly missiles on Monday. The ever-increasing cold and the pressure it puts on Ukraine’s already strained infrastructure is increasing. It was reported that two people were killed in the central region of Zaporizhzhya by Russian missiles. While in many areas, authorities have reported interruptions in water, electricity and heating services. Officials in the eastern Sumy region and southern parts of Odessa and Mykolaiv said residents were experiencing interruptions in water, electricity or heating supplies due to the attacks.

According to the AFP news agency, the Ukrainian air force claims to have shot down most of the missiles launched from Russia. Ukraine shot down more than 60 of more than 70 missiles launched by Russia in a massive missile attack on Monday, the Ukrainian air force command said. The Air Force said in a statement on the Telegram messaging app that the attacks targeted critical infrastructure in Ukraine. While there were mysterious explosions at two airports in Russia on Monday. It was expressed the possibility that Ukraine is behind them. Who found a way to target the long-range Russian bombers used in attacks on its infrastructure.
The Russian-Ukrainian war will end! Putin agreed to speak to Biden, but said – if the condition holds…

The attacks came just after Moscow rejected a Western-imposed price cap on its oil exports. Russia has said this will not hamper its military operation in Ukraine. Russian state media released footage of President Vladimir Putin driving a Mercedes car over the Crimean Bridge at the same time. which connects Russia to the Crimean peninsula and was damaged by an explosion last month.

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