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Ukraine-Russia war: the defeat of Kherson will be heavy for Putin! The sound of murder being removed from the throne arose



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Alexander Dugin, a far-right nationalist once seen as the brainchild of the Russian president, has broken his silence.
Many Russians have been outraged since the Kremlin’s humiliating defeat in Kherson.
Alexander Dugin is one of the first prominent Russians to break his silence on the growing discontent in the country.

Moscow. Kherson’s defeat in the Battle of Ukraine could cost Russian President Vladimir Putin dearly. There is a voice to remove him from the throne and even kill him. Alexander Dugin, the far-right nationalist, father of the idea to attack Ukraine and once considered the mastermind of the Russian president, made the statement, breaking his silence. Reports claimed that many Russians were furious after the Kremlin’s humiliating defeat in Kherson.

British newspapers the mirror Aleksandr Dugin, a far-right nationalist, is one of the first prominent Russians to break his silence on growing discontent in the country after President Putin’s failed war in Ukraine, according to a US report. The 60-year-old strategist is believed to be among Moscow’s elite calling on Putin to go ahead in Ukraine, according to the report. These people regard the retreat from Kherson as a blow to Russian pride. It is said that Dugin also posted his anger on Telegram and expressed his fear that many Russians had been killed there. However, he later withdrew his remarks against Putin.

Washington Post According to Dugin, the real planner of Putin’s Ukrainian strategy. However, he does not hold any official government position. Rather, he was a former editor of Tsargrad TV. This is a network known for its strong support for both Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church. The Kremlin has long used its language and rhetoric. However, after the Ukrainian war, new developments, Dugin said that Russia surrendered to Kherson. If the citizens are not upset by the incident in Kherson, they are not Russians.

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It is noteworthy that in August, 29-year-old Daria Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin, died in a car bomb attack on a street outside Moscow. Intelligence sources also see it associating it with the war in Ukraine. This is not the first time that Russia’s elite have shown their anger at Putin for the defeat in Ukraine. Ramzan Kadyrov, a Chechen strongman appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, also criticized Russian leaders in early September. Ukraine’s defense intelligence chief claimed last month that senior Russian officials were actively discussing the impeachment of President Vladimir Putin. Major General Kirillo Budanov has claimed that Vladimir Putin is unlikely to remain in office until the end of the Ukrainian war.

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