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Ukraine Russia War – Two British citizens died rescuing war victims in Ukraine, a cannonball fell on the car



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The two were trying to rescue an elderly woman from a war zone when a cannonball hit their car
Both had been volunteering as aid workers in Ukraine since last April
Authorities say Bagshaw’s remains will be returned to New Zealand where he and his family lived

Kyiv, During the Ukraine-Russia war, two British citizens engaged in humanitarian aid in Ukraine were killed in the crossfire. British aid workers Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Parry disappeared earlier this month on their way to the town of Soledar in the eastern Donetsk region where heavy fighting broke out, according to a BBC report. The two citizens were volunteering in Soledar, in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

Giving details of the deaths of the two, Bagshaw’s family said he was trying to rescue an elderly woman in Soledar when a cannon shell hit her car. The family said Bagshaw was a genetic research scientist, but had been volunteering as an aid worker in Ukraine since last April. The family urged the civilized countries of the world to end this immoral war and help the Ukrainian people rid their homeland of an aggressor. Meanwhile, after the death, authorities say Bagshaw’s remains will be returned to New Zealand where he and his family lived.

Meanwhile, the family of Parry, who was killed, said Christopher Parry previously worked as a software engineer. He loved rock climbing, biking, running and skydiving and always wanted to travel the world. A few days before Parry’s disappearance, he had a recorded conversation with Arnaud de Decker, a freelance journalist, where he explained his role in East Bakhmut.

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