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Ukraine-Russia War: Ukraine will therefore belong to Russia! America considered it very difficult to expel the Russian army, advised such attacks



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US Army chief says it would be very difficult to militarily expel Russian military from Ukraine
A major tactical operation must be launched to liberate Ukrainian territory: US
announces another $2.5 billion military aid package to counter Russian aggression

WashingtonContrary to claims by the Ukrainian president, a top US general has said that it will be extremely difficult to militarily oust Russian forces from every inch of occupied territory in Ukraine this year. Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Friday it would be difficult to expel the Russian military, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. General Milley told a press conference in Germany that from a military point of view he still believes that for this year every square centimeter of Ukraine, occupied or occupied by Russia, will be occupied, according to a PTI news agency report. It would be very difficult to oust the Russian army militarily.

He added that that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but it will be very, very difficult. General Milley said that depending on the delivery of American equipment and the training of the Ukrainian army, it is possible for the Ukrainians to launch a major tactical or even operational offensive to liberate as much Ukrainian territory as possible. The United States on Thursday announced $2.5 billion in new military aid to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression, bringing total U.S. military aid to $27.5 billion.

According to an official statement, this aid program will provide Ukraine with hundreds of additional armored vehicles, including Stryker armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, ambush protected vehicles and high mobility multi-purpose wheels. The package also includes significant additional air defense support for Ukraine, including more Avenger air defense systems and surface-to-air missiles, as well as additional munitions for NASAMS, which the United States previously provided to Was.

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