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Ukraine says Russia lacks missiles, hypersonic weapons are too ‘limited’



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Ukraine has claimed that Russia faces an arms crisis.
He has a “limited stock” of hypersonic weapons due to the lack of a microchip.
Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmihal estimated Russia was limited to just “four dozen” hypersonic missiles.

Kyiv, It has been more than 6 months since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia also faces sanctions from many countries, including America, the effect of which is now visible. Here, Ukraine claimed that Russia was facing an arms crisis. He doesn’t have many missiles left. He also has a “limited supply” of hypersonic weapons due to the lack of microchips. According to reports, after losing more missiles than originally expected, Moscow is seeking to acquire these semiconductor microchips.

According to a report by the Eurasian Times, Ukraine announced in May that Russia was using microchips from devices such as computers and refrigerators. The microchip problem has become a crisis as Russia has had to turn to old Soviet-era rockets instead of modern precision missiles due to the decline of microchips.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmihal estimated Russia was limited to just “four dozen” hypersonic missiles, Politico reported. He said that it is the missiles that have precision due to microchips. But due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, deliveries of this high-tech microchip have stopped and they have no way of replenishing these stocks. Significantly, Russia has three types of hypersonic weapons – Avangard, Kinzhal and Zircon.

Semiconductor chips are an essential part of hypersonic weapons, space sensors and even stealth aircraft. Moscow badly needs these semiconductor chips to continue the war. Microchips are made by companies in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Japan. If Russia somehow makes up for the lack of microchips, the war could last longer, which would be fatal for Ukraine.

Ukraine has always been committed to preventing Russia from acquiring the high-tech microchips needed for supersonic and hypersonic missiles. He urged countries around the world not to help Russia with semiconductors, transformers, connectors, cases, transistors, insulators and other parts.

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