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Ukraine war: Putin says West wants to ‘break’ Russia, divide and conquer is the old policy



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Putin criticized Western countries for trying to “break” Russia.
In an interview, Putin said the purpose of his invasion of Ukraine was “to unite all Russian people”.
Putin used the concept of “historical Russia” to justify his invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized Western countries for trying to “break” Russia, saying in an interview broadcast on national television that his invasion of Ukraine was aimed at “uniting all Russian people”. . By downplaying Kyiv’s independence and justifying his 10-month invasion of Ukraine, Putin used the concept of “historical Russia” to argue that Ukrainians and Russians are one. Putin said Russia’s geopolitical opponents always aim to break Russia, especially “historical Russia”.

According to an AFP news agency, Vladimir Putin said that the policy of Western countries has always been to “divide and conquer”. What he has always wanted to accomplish and is still trying to do. He said ‘but our objective is different. It is about uniting all the Russian people. Putin asserted that “his government is in the right direction… defending its national interests and the interests of its citizens, the interests of our own people.” Putin once again reiterated that Moscow is ready for talks. Asked about the new Patriot missile system delivered to Ukraine by the United States, Putin once again asserted that “of course we will destroy it 100%!”

Ukraine war: Putin’s threat: Patriot missile system is too old and will soon destroy it

Significantly, on his first foreign trip outside Ukraine since the start of the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was assured of the Pentagon’s most advanced air defense system earlier this week. Along with this, US President Joe Biden reiterated his determination to continue supporting Ukraine. Western military and financial aid to Ukraine played a major role in the retreat of Russian troops. Including Kherson, the only regional capital occupied by Russia. However, despite Russia’s withdrawal from the city, it is under constant threat of Russian attacks. There were 41 attacks on the city of Kherson on Saturday. This included a fatal shooting in a bustling downtown market. During which 10 people were killed and 55 were injured.

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