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Ukraine will not kneel before Russia! enough stock



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Ukraine has declared that joining the military alliance is not possible until the end of the current war
Russia claims to recover 18% of captured area within months
Western countries supplied Ukraine with tanks, armored vehicles and artillery

Kyiv: The war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) does not seem to be over yet. At present, the ceasefire situation between the two countries is not visible. At the same time, Ukraine adopted a strategy aimed at intensifying its retaliatory attacks against the enemy country, Russia. Ukraine has claimed that it has a sufficient stockpile of weapons to launch a retaliatory attack against Russia. But he expects cooperation from Western countries. Ukraine also made a big statement regarding NATO membership. He said becoming a member was the next big goal for his program.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told Reuters news agency on Monday that Ukraine had enough weapons to begin its retaliation against Russia. Not only that, his operation will also give Ukraine the victory needed to join NATO. Foreign Minister Kuleba also said in an interview in Kyiv that joining the military alliance for Ukraine would probably not be possible until the end of the current war. This is only possible after the end of the war.

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Ukraine also claimed that with the help of tanks, armored vehicles and artillery provided by Western countries, it had recovered 18% of the territory captured by Russia after major attacks in a few months.

Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said Monday that kyiv had changed its “offensive operations” on some fronts, but dismissed Moscow’s earlier claim that there was a major Ukrainian offensive.

Kuleba did not say if a counterattack had started. He replied that the most important thing was not when it started, but that it ended with victory for Ukraine. The Minister of Foreign Affairs took office in March 2020. He said Ukraine’s next goal is to gain NATO membership. Some NATO allies had agreed to train Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets. kyiv had also lobbied on this. Regarding the use of heavy weapons between Russia and Ukraine, the minister also said that we have already released all the weapons… it means that there is nothing left to fight.

He also stated forcefully that NATO membership cannot stop this war. But joining NATO would prevent new wars. That is why the best way to ensure security in the region is to come when Ukraine becomes a member of NATO.

Moscow said Monday morning it had repelled a major Ukrainian offensive in southern Ukraine’s Donetsk region involving six mechanized battalions and two tanks. Kyiv officials scoffed at this claim by Moscow. Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said the claim was primarily intended to distract from the Russian defeat near the eastern town of Bakhmut.

Kuleba said that although Ukraine now has enough weapons to launch a retaliatory strike, it will need continued deliveries from its allies to support its efforts. Kuleba also asked Western countries to continue supplying enough weapons for as long as needed.

He said he was confident that kyiv’s partners will continue to supply weapons until kyiv achieves its goal. But there is also talk of encountering difficulties in terms of production capacity.

NATO is also focusing on supplying more ammunition to Ukraine. Its ammunition stockpile was destroyed early in the year.

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