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Ukrainian troops stationed at the front on the eastern side of the river will give an appropriate response to Putin’s army: report



Kyiv. Ukrainian military forces managed to establish a front on the eastern bank of the Dnieper. This thing came out of a re-analysis. That fueled speculation on Sunday that it could be a harbinger of kyiv’s long-awaited retaliatory strike. The Institute for the Study of War, a Washington-based think tank, reported late Saturday that pro-Kremlin military blogger K. ‘geolocated’ The images indicated that Ukrainian troops had taken a foothold near the town of Olesky. Analysts believe that if Ukraine goes ahead with a counter-offensive, a key objective will be to cut the land corridor between Russia and the annexed Crimean peninsula, which would require crossing the Dnieper in the south of the country. .

Responding to Ukrainian media reports that Ukrainian troop build-up indicates retaliation has begun, Natalia Lyumenyuk, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command, urged patience. He neither confirmed nor denied the reports, saying only that details of military operations in the Dnieper Delta could not be disclosed for operational and security reasons. Lymenyuk told Ukrainian television that it was a “very difficult task” when “it is necessary to overcome a barrier such as the Dnieper”.

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More than a year after the Russian invasion, a situation has now arisen in which neither side is gaining ground. However, Ukraine has recently received advanced weapons from its Western allies and troops have been retrained in the West. Now the possibility of retaliatory attacks has increased. There has been heavy fighting in the eastern region of Donetsk, where Russia is fighting to besiege the town of Bakhmut. Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command said in a Facebook post on Sunday that the Russian military dropped five aerial bombs in the Kherson region during the day and night of Saturday. According to the post, bombs were fired by drones and planes and several residential buildings were damaged, but there were no casualties.

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