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Ukrainian war: Russia wants to vote in the territories occupied by Ukraine, date maintained on November 4



Moscow. Russia has been attacking Ukraine since February 24. During the 6-month war, Russia captured many regions of Ukraine (Russian-Ukrainian War). Now Russia wants to hold elections in these occupied areas. Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed a vote on November 4.

Ukraine has accused Russian forces of genocide in the town of Bucha. On the other hand, in the talks between Russia and Ukraine, there was also hope for an agreement on certain conditions. During the recent talks between the two countries in Turkey, there were hopes for an agreement with certain conditions. However, despite this negotiation, Russia continues to attack in many areas of the battlefield, and the Ukrainian army is also complete. Responding forcefully.

During the 6-month war, Russia captured more than 15 regions of Ukraine, including Butcha, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Severodonsk and Lisichansk.

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382 children have died in the war so far
Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) said 382 children have died in Ukraine so far after the Russian attack. While 741 were injured. According to the media, 388 children died in Donestk, 204 in Kharkiv, 116 in Kyiv, 71 in Mykolaiv, 61 in Lugansk, 55 in Kherson and 46 in Zaporizhia. More than half of the Ukrainian population devastated by the Russian attack fled to other countries. Some people are still not ready to leave the country. They believe that whatever they are, they are here. Things will improve in a few days.

Revolt of Russian soldiers
Meanwhile, commanders of Russia’s 127th regiment have been accused of disobeying orders, according to another Reuters report. These commanders of the 1st Army Corps refused to fight in the southern city of Kherson in Ukraine. Now there has been a rebellion among the commanders here. This information was given by the intelligence services of the Southern Operations Command in Ukraine. The soldiers who rebelled told their elders that they could no longer wage war because there was no water or rations. Not only that, many soldiers have not even received their salaries.

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not even getting medicine
A video was posted on Telegram by the 113th Rifle Regiment, also known as the Donetsk People’s Republic. In this video released in June, soldiers say they can no longer fight. He said he didn’t have all the equipment and due to constant injuries and illnesses he was unable to fight the war. At the same time, his elders also wrongly filed their complaints with the authorities.

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