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UN: China and Russia clash in United States in Security Council over North Korea’s ballistic missile test



Strong points

The United Nations Security Council has split into two camps on this issue.
Stopped taking action on North Korea.
At the UN Security Council, the United States said North Korea had launched 59 ballistic missiles this year.

The United Nations. The United States and its allies clashed at the UN on Friday with China and Russia over the escalation of North Korea’s ballistic missile tests and US-led military exercises in South Korea. South. For this reason, the United Nations Security Council was split into two camps and all action against North Korea was stopped. US Ambassador to the UN Security Council Linda Thomas-Greenfield said North Korea had launched 59 ballistic missiles this year. In which only 13 missiles have been launched since October 27. One fell about 50 kilometers (30 mi) off the coast of South Korea.

He said the continued increase in North Korea’s military capabilities is causing tension and fear among its neighbors. He said 13 of the 15 members of the Security Council have condemned North Korea’s actions since the start of this year. But Russia and China give protection to North Korea. who have always supported North Korea to justify its repeated violations of UN sanctions. Because of this, North Korea has become so capable that it flouts this advice.

North Korea tests ‘multiple rocket launchers’ under Kim Jong Un

After that, China’s UN ambassador Zhang Jun said North Korea’s missile launch happened after five consecutive years due to the massive US-South Korean military exercise, which involved hundreds of warplanes. He US also highlighted the Defense Department’s 2022 Nuclear Posture Review. In which he said that North Korea aspires to develop nuclear weapons and that ending the current regime is one of the main objectives of its strategy. Echoing him, Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Anna Evstigneeva said Washington on the Korean Peninsula is ready to use sanctions, pressure and force to force North Korea into unilateral disarmament. This desire of America is largely responsible for the deteriorating state of the Korean Peninsula.

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