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UN to investigate Putin’s ‘dirty bomb’ allegation, IAEA team to visit two locations in Ukraine



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UN nuclear agency to investigate Russia’s ‘dirty bomb’ claims against Ukraine
UN to send inspectors to two locations in war-torn Ukraine
Russia accused Ukraine of possible production of “dirty bombs”.

The United Nations. The UN nuclear agency has opened an investigation into Russia’s “dirty bomb” accusations against Ukraine. The UN nuclear chief said he was sending inspectors to two sites in war-torn Ukraine where Russia alleged activities related to the possible production of “dirty bombs” were taking place. According to Russia, these “dirty bombs” will come to a very quick conclusion within days. According to the AP, the head of the UN nuclear agency, Rafael Grossi, said that inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would visit two sites this week under safeguards. IAEA following a written request from the Ukrainian government.

In a letter to members of the Security Council this week, the Russian ambassador alleged that the Institute of Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine’s Kyiv and Vostochny Mining and Processing Plant had accused of developing “dirty bombs” by President Zelensky. Orders received directly. Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said the Russian Defense Ministry is aware of this. He said that the development of “Dirty Bomb” is in its final stages.

Rafael Grossi said inspectors’ visits to Ukraine this week are aimed at uncovering any undeclared nuclear activity and material linked to the development of “dirty bombs”. He said the IAEA also inspected the Kyiv Institute for Nuclear Research a month ago and found no undeclared nuclear material or activity there. However, Grossi said the inspectors were going to visit again for a different purpose.

If Western countries engage in Russian-Ukrainian war, there could be a nuclear attack, Putin hints

Russia told Grossi that “he should be on alert” because the two sites are not the only places where dirty bombs can be made. Grossi replied that he was deeply concerned about the possibility of a nuclear accident. He also said that in the coming weeks the IAEA will deploy more specialists to other nuclear power plants in Ukraine – Rivny, Khmelnitsky, southern Ukraine, Chernobyl.

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