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United States Capitol riot: Donald Trump blamed for plot to attack US House of Commons, investigative committee recommends taking case



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Former US President Donald Trump’s troubles have grown even more
Donald Trump was held responsible for the attack on the US Parliament
The committee investigating the riots recommended proceeding with the case.

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump’s troubles don’t seem to be diminishing. The congressional committee investigating last year’s attack on the US Capitol recommended criminal charges against Donald Trump on Monday. The committee held Donald Trump responsible for the attack.

According to the AFP news agency report, the congressional committee charged former President Donald Trump with incitement to rebellion, obstruction of official process, deception of the US government, conspiracy and misrepresentation. However, it will now be up to the Justice Department to prosecute Trump whether or not to find him guilty. Representative Jamie Raskin described the panel’s findings saying, “The panel has developed significant evidence that President Trump intended to disrupt the peaceful transition of power under our Constitution.”

US Capitol Riot: Native bombs brought in trucks, fear of violence even before swearing in

Let us tell you that on January 6, 2021, Trump supporters entered the Capitol Hill of the US Parliament and created a lot of ruckus. The former US president had described his supporters who committed violence as revolutionaries in a tweet. In this violence, 5 people were killed while more than 100 people were injured. Trump’s hand was said to be behind the riots. In this case, police officers were also suspended for their role in the riots.

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