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United States: “Corona virus originated in a Chinese laboratory”, presidential candidate Nikki Haley attacks Dragon



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Nikki Haley targeted China again on Tuesday.
Haley also talked about cutting America’s aid to China.
Will cut foreign aid at all costs – Nikki Haley

Washington: America has made a big allegation about China regarding the Corona Pandemic. Republican US presidential candidate Nikki Haley took aim at China again on Tuesday. Nikki Haley said Covid likely came from a Chinese lab. Haley also talked about cutting America’s aid to China.

According to the ANI news agency report, Haley said in a tweet on Tuesday, “Covid-19 likely came from a Chinese lab.” America should now cut aid to China. Don’t give Communist China even a penny. Haley recently said that if she came to power, she would cut foreign aid to countries that hate America by one percent. This includes China, Pakistan and other adversaries because they believe “a strong America doesn’t pay the bad guys.”

Will Cut Foreign Aid – Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley said: ‘I’m going to cut off foreign aid to countries that hate us. A strong America doesn’t pay bad people. A proud America cannot afford to waste its people’s hard-earned money. He said: “Those who defend our enemies are our friends and we will only defend them”. According to Haley, the United States spent $46 billion on foreign aid last year. That’s more than any other country. Taxpayers have a right to know where that money is going and what is going on. It is surprising that most of this sum goes to anti-American countries.

America gives money to its own adversaries!
Haley says, “American taxpayers are still paying Communist China for ridiculous environmental programs, despite China being a clear threat to Americans. We give money to Belarus, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s closest ally. We also give money to communist Cuba, which has been designated by our own government as a state sponsor of terrorism.

America gave money to Pakistan, which harbors terrorist organizations
Haley also targeted the Biden administration. He said the United States had again given military aid to Pakistan, despite it being home to at least a dozen terrorist organizations. Pakistan is also a close friend of China. The Biden administration returned half a billion dollars to a corrupt UN agency supposed to help the Palestinian people, against our ally Israel. Millions of dollars have been donated to Zimbabwe, the country with the highest anti-American voting record at the United Nations.

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