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United States: “Dirty Hindu” and spat twice on the Indo-American, shouted beef and beef for 8 minutes



Strong points

Victim was filmed for over 8 minutes for racist abuse
In the video, the accused is seen shouting beef-beef on the victim’s mouth.
The accused first said “You are a Hindu, you are disgusting”, then the accused spat on Jayaraman

New York. A case of racial abuse has come to light with an Indian-American man in the US state of California. According to NBC News, Indian-born Krishnan Jayaraman was verbally assaulted by 37-year-old Tejinder Singh in Fremont, California on August 21. About the incident, Fremont police said Tejinder of Union City was arrested on Monday for civil rights violations, assault and breach of the peace. The report said Tejinder was listed as Asian and Indian.

Victim Jayaraman recorded the racial abuse, which lasted over eight minutes, on his phone, in which Tejinder is seen calling him a “disgusting dog”. During the abuse, Tejinder is seen shouting Jayaraman like a filthy Hindu and calling him beef-beef in his face. According to Jayaraman, he does not eat meat, so he suffered mental trauma from this attack. The defendant was seen spitting on Jayaraman twice in the video.

Growing hatred of Hindus in America
Jayaraman said he was horrified by the incident and became even more upset to learn that the attacker was also an Indian. He told NBC in an interview that he was afraid of the incident, adding that on the one hand he was angry, but he was afraid what would happen if this man got too belligerent and then followed him. ?

Referring to the video, he asked the accused, “What do you want? The defendant said, “You know that being a Hindu is a disgrace? Repugnant. Then the accused spat on Jayaraman.

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