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Uproar of Khalistan supporters outside Indian embassy in America, Indian journalist assaulted, secret service saved his life



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Indian journalist Lalit Jha attacked by Khalistan supporters in Washington.
Jha was abused and assaulted on Saturday.
Lalit Jha had gone to cover a demonstration by Khalistan supporters.

Washington. On Saturday, Khalistan supporters attacked Indian journalist Lalit Jha in Washington. They were abused and beaten. While Lalit Jha was covering a protest by Khalistan supporters outside the Indian Embassy in Washington on Saturday afternoon, extremists attacked him. After that, Jha called the police. The police immediately went to the scene and protected Lalit Jha. Lalit Jha thanked the US Secret Service on Sunday for protecting him and helping him do his job.

Giving information about the incident by tweeting on Sunday, Lalit Jha said that “Khalistan supporters hit her left ear with two sticks”. He also shared a video of Khalistani supporters on his Twitter account. Jha said that “if the Secret Service hadn’t protected him there, he would have written all of this from the hospital.” Jha said that “a person attacked my left ear with a stick”. For this reason I had to call 911 and 2 police vans arrived at the scene. Jha said that “on one occasion I felt very unsafe.”

The Indian Embassy condemned the attack
The Indian Embassy in Washington DC condemned the attack. The Indian Embassy said in a statement that “we witnessed disturbing scenes of abuse, intimidation and physical assault against a veteran Indian journalist from the Press Trust of India while covering the self -called “Khalistan protests” in Washington DC. The journalist was first verbally threatened, then physically assaulted and fearing for her personal safety and well-being, she had to call law enforcement, who responded quickly. The Indian Embassy said that “we condemn such a serious and unjustified attack on a veteran journalist. Such activities show the violent and anti-social nature of the so-called “Khalist protesters” and their supporters, who continue to engage in violence and vandalism.

The journalist refrained from taking action against the attackers
Jha said, however, Secret Service officials arrived on the scene and dealt with the situation from the uproar of protesters. However, Lalit Jha decided not to take any action against those who assaulted him. Jha said that in support of Amritpal Singh, pro-Khalistan protesters waved Khalistan flags and stormed the embassy in the presence of US intelligence. He also openly threatened to sabotage the embassy. Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu was also threatened by pro-Khalistan protesters.

Amritpal Singh News: Security tightened outside Embassy in San Francisco…Khalistan supporters again gathered and waved the flag

Protesters include Sikhs of all ages
Lalit Jha said the protesters included turbaned Sikh men of all ages, who held up pro-Khalistan slogans. They came from different parts of the DC-Maryland-Virginia region. Protest organizers used microphones to deliver anti-Indian speeches in English and Punjabi, and targeted Punjab police for alleged human rights abuses. Significantly, Khalistan supporters have carried out several incidents of protests repeatedly outside the Indian Embassy and Consulate in San Francisco in recent times. The Indian consulate in San Francisco was attacked on March 20 and the premises ransacked.

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