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UPSC result 2022: Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma also passed the UPSC exam!, see the ranking



UPSC 2022 Result: When the UPSC 2022 results were released, everyone had their eyes on two names in the entire list. One of those names was Aamir Khan and the other was Anushka Sharma. These are names that need no introduction. Yes, both are Bollywood actors, but they have nothing to do with the UPSC exam. Although one might be shocked by the similarity of names, know that Aamir Khan who passed the UPSC exam is a resident of Banda in UP while Anushka Sharma is from UP. Indore in Madhya Pradesh.


UPSC 2022 Result: The result of the UPSC 2022 exam was released on May 23. A total of 933 candidates passed the exam. The girls made it into the top 4. Every candidate who passes the exam and their story is special. Aamir Khan, who ranked 154th among the candidates who passed this exam, and Anushka Sharma, who ranked 20th, are in discussion due to their hard work as well as their names.


The family of Anushka Sharma, who scored 20th in the UPSC exam, lives in Indore. She is from Rajasthan. Anushka is a graduate of the City University of New York. He passed the UPSC exam for the third time. Anushka told the media that she worked hard to get here. His two previous experiences came in handy when he took the exam for the third time. This time, he had already prepared all the books and notes. Focus on them during preparation. Daily newspaper reading has remained a routine. Gave mock tests.


Aamir Khan, who got the 154th rank, hails from the city of Banda in UP. Her father Rafaqat Hussain is the principal of a public school. Aamir’s father dreamed of his son doing something that would make the family famous. Coming from an ordinary family, he is one of 7 siblings in Aamir’s family. In which there are 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Aamir’s studies were done in Banda up to the 10th standard. Did 12th and graduate (B.Tech) from Aligarh Muslim University.


Talking about the top 3 results of the UPSC 2022 civil service exam, Ishita Kishore got the first position, Garima Lohia got the second position and Uma Harithi N got the third position. UPSC CSE Result 2022 is available on the official website The commission has not released gender-disaggregated data from the UPSC 2022 exam.


See, according to the results data, this year how many officers will be available for the country, for which position. A total of 180 candidates will become IAS. 38 IFS will be carried out. IPS 200 will be manufactured.