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US: 2 people shot dead in California gurudwara, condition critical, police deny hate crimes



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Two people were shot dead at a Sacramento County gurudwara in California on Sunday.
The state of health of those who were hit by bullets is critical.
The Sacramento County Sheriff said the shooting was not related to a hate crime.

Sacramento (California). Two people were shot dead in a gurdwara in Sacramento County, California, United States on Sunday. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting incident took place at the Sacramento Sikh Society Gurudwara around 2:30 p.m. local time. The sheriff’s office said the two people who were shot are in critical condition. Amar Gandhi, spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, said the shooting was not related to a hate crime. This incident was described as a shootout between two people who already know each other.

While briefing on the whole incident, Sergeant Amar Gandhi said three people were involved in the scuffle, which escalated so much that it came to the point of shooting. They said the “second suspect” was downstairs when the “first suspect” shot the “second suspect’s” friend. “Suspect 2” shot “Suspect 1” before fleeing. It seems that everyone involved in this feud knew each other. It seems that this quarrel arose from an earlier argument. The police are investigating the incident.

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There have been many fatal shootings in the United States in recent years. Scenes of armed violence were seen continuously in the country. It is because of the common incidents of gun violence in America that President Joe Biden signed the executive order that plans to increase the number of investigations conducted into the sale of firearms. Biden said it was very common. Significantly, last week at least two people were hospitalized in the shooting incident at East High School in Denver, Colorado’s capital.

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