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US: Driver Fainted On Moving Bus, 7th Grade Student Became An Angel, Saved 66 Children’s Lives, Watch Video



America. Recently, such a video is going viral on social media, in which a 7th grader saved the lives of 66 schoolchildren by showing his intelligence. In this video that has gone viral, a school bus driver is seen driving the bus. The bus driver suddenly feels suffocated. He is shaking and begins to pass out. Meanwhile, the child immediately springs into action and stops the bus by manipulating the steering. This incident happened in Michigan on Wednesday.

Shortly after the incident, college student Dillon Reeves appears in the camera frame and gets behind the wheel. According to Fox2 Detroit, he was able to bring the bus to a safe stop using the brakes. According to commissioner Robert Livernois, during this time the bus was about to collide with traffic. As soon as the bus was stopped, he said, “Someone call 911 (emergency number).” Along with this, Dillon asked the rest of the kids to stay calm. About 66 passengers were on board at the time of the incident. Screams can be heard from other students.

According to Livernois, the driver had sent an emergency signal to inform that he was not feeling well and that he would stop the vehicle. Dillon, a student studying in seventh standard, sat in the fifth row behind the driver. Despite this, seconds after the driver lost consciousness, he jumped up and moved forward. We can see in the video that he is holding the steering wheel and applying the brakes. The entire school saluted Dillon at a special ceremony Thursday, reports the Detroit Free Press, where people heard about his bravery.

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