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US Midterm Elections: Former US President Donald Trump will make a big announcement on November 15, see the updates



Washington: Voting for the midterm elections began in America starting today. Former U.S. President Donald Trump said at a political rally in Ohio ahead of the midterm elections on Monday that he would make a “big announcement” at his Florida home on November 15. However, he has yet to explain in detail what he will announce. The survey seems to suggest that Trump could return, which has increased Joe Biden’s concern.

Addressing a rally in Ohio, Trump said he would take over the White House in 2024, but did not directly announce the presidency, as many in the United States expected. He said if Republicans return to power, they would increase the number of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and US Customs and Border Protection officers instead of Internal Revenue Service officers. (IRS).

Trump could return to the United States, nearly 80% of Americans reject Biden in a CBS survey!

Trump said: “The radical left unites us, they think they divide us, but they unite us.” Trump called Nancy Pelosi an animal and then said he impeached me twice through no fault of mine. Trump also said that if elected to office, Republicans would introduce laws that would put violent criminals behind bars and provide for the death penalty for drug traffickers.

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