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US News: Blood Holi again in America! 6 people including a 17-year-old mother died in the shooting, the child was not spared either



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49,000 people are killed each year in shootings in the United States
A 17-year-old mother and her six-month-old baby were also killed in the shooting.
This targeted killing incident may be linked to gang violence and drugs

Washington, Six people have died in a horrific California shooting incident in the US state of California. According to an AFP news agency, a 17-year-old mother and her six-month-old child were also killed in the shooting at a house in the center of the city in the early hours of Monday. Both were shot in the head. Giving more details about the incident, Mike Boudreaux, a Tulare County Sheriff’s Police Officer, said this targeted killing incident may be linked to gang and drug violence. Police said they believe two men stormed the home around 3.30am Monday and fired several shots.

Two people survived the attack by hiding inside the building, while many injured were taken to first aid by those nearby. One of the injured died shortly after being taken to hospital. Let us tell you that a week ago the police department issued narcotics search warrants at this residence where targeted killings in California were carried out.

49,000 people killed in one year
Shootings are becoming very common in America. In the United States of America, approximately 49,000 people will die from gunshot wounds in 2021, more than half of them by suicide. Recently, a six-year-old child shot his own teacher at school. During this incident, police arrested a six-year-old boy in the “Newton News” neighborhood in the US state of Virginia. Reports say the teacher was seriously injured in the shooting at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News City.

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