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US News: Person who came to store intending to loot slipped on ice, injured head, police recall crime scene from ‘Home Alone’ movie



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An American tried to rob the store on Christmas Day
Store staff pushed the suspect onto frozen ice
The gun was pointed at the employees, then the head injury came from a fall

New York. The snowstorm (US Snow Storm 2022) is wreaking havoc in America. in most states of the country snowfall The situation has worsened due to heavy snowfall. Many people also died in different incidents. Road movement to airways and trains is affected. Due to this, people who go on Christmas holidays have been disappointed.

In the midst of such circumstances, a strange incident occurred. Christmas On Christmas Day, an American attempted to rob the shop, but during the robbery he injured his head when he slipped on the frozen ice. Gainesville police likened the incident to ‘alone at home‘ (Home Alone Film) is taken from a scene in the film.

According to America Fox News, when people around the world were celebrating Christmas. That day, an American attempted to rob a store with a gun. But store workers pushed the suspect onto the frozen ice and he slipped as soon as he fell. After slipping on the ice, he fell and injured his head. But he still tried to commit the theft.

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He pointed a gun at an employee who was walking outside. After that, there was a fight between the two. Meanwhile, other store employees also gathered. Suspect Luis Szabocho-Ordonez also fired but no one was hit. For this reason, he failed to commit the incident of theft. US police in Gainesville likened the whole incident to a scene from the movie “Home Alone.”

Let’s say the snowstorm in the northern region of America has wreaked havoc all around. More than 60 people lost their lives in the snowstorm. Most of the deaths occurred in Buffalo, New York. A thick layer of snow has accumulated on the roads. Even the city waterfalls froze. More than 5200 flights have been canceled due to which passengers have to face many problems. It was warned that if the temperature rises, the snow will start to melt, which can lead to flood-like situations.

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