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US presidential election: some Democrats are against the re-election of Joe Biden



Laconia (USA). The road to re-running for president in 2024 will not be easy for US President Joe Biden, as many members of the Democratic Party, including some leaders who last backed him, are not supportive of his candidacy. .

When Biden filed nomination papers for the 2019 presidential bid at the New Hampshire State House, Steve Shurtleff stood by his side. However, this time, Shurtleff, like most Democratic leaders, also believes one term is enough for him.

Joe Biden is ‘too old’ to become the next US president, 68% of voters believed the poll, know the opinion of the Democrats

Democratic leaders in New Hampshire are angered by efforts to end its status as the first state to hold a presidential primary, but they are more concerned about Biden’s candidacy and have criticized the 80-year-old president. vying for re-election.

According to a poll released last month, only 37% of Democrats nationwide want President Biden to run for a second term. Many are concerned about Biden’s age, while other leaders such as Shurtleff are angry at the way US forces are pulling out of Afghanistan.

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