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US retaliation for Putin’s statement said – we are ready for any situation



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White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said we are prepared for any situation
Russian president threatens to cut off energy supply to Western countries
G-7 countries plan to control energy prices in Russia

Washington. America gave an appropriate response to the threat from Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the United States, White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said Russia wants to use energy as a weapon, but Russian President Putin should understand that we are prepared for these potential risks. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the United States or Western countries tried to control Russian energy prices, we would stop supplying energy to Europe. Karen said Putin’s statement showed he was once again using energy with his words and actions.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said President Joe Biden and our allies in Europe had already predicted Russia’s move. We have therefore been preparing for months to deal with this situation. He said we are looking at various options to set a price cap to control Russian energy prices. In fact, recently the G-7 countries decided to set a price limit for Russian energy exports. He says Russia is using energy money to attack Ukraine. Therefore, by controlling the price, the economic situation in Russia can be weakened. This will also help fight global inflation. White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said: “We are already alert to this possible move by Russia.” Our President Joe Biden had already expressed his apprehension. So we’ve been preparing for this for months. We discussed various options to set the price range. ,

Karen said the United States and the European Union have set up a task force to develop alternative sources of natural gas in Europe. Earlier, the United States said it was determined to apply a price cap on Russian oil imports in line with the declaration of the G-7 group of developed countries. The United States says an “effective way” to set limits on Russian oil prices would hit the main source of funding for Russia’s “illegal war” in Ukraine. Apart from that, this move is also expected to help the United States fight against the rapidly rising global inflation.

The member countries of the G7 group pledged on Friday to take immediate action to impose a price cap on Russian oil imports. Russia is using the proceeds from the sale of its crude oil in the ongoing military action against Ukraine. To dilute this financial source, the G7 wants to set a limit on Russian oil. All Western countries, including the United States, take a strong stance against Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and they have also imposed many economic sanctions on Russia. But Russia, neutralized by these sanctions, continues its campaign against Ukraine.

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