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US: Sikh student detained for holding kirpan, university apologizes for escalating controversy, all know



New Delhi. A Sikh student at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, US, was arrested on Thursday for wearing a kirpan on campus. There was an outcry after video of the incident emerged, after which university chancellor Sharon Gabor apologized on Friday for the action of the campus policeman. Video of the incident was shared with the student saying he was “handcuffed” when he protested against the campus police officer.

In fact, police received a 911 complaint that someone entered the UNC Charlotte building with a “knife.” The police questioned the man at the scene. During this conversation, the person was handcuffed, while the officers took the kirpan in their possession. The handcuffs were then removed. Further investigation revealed that the item found with him was a kirpan, which is associated with belief in Sikhism.

Gabor said in a message to the campus community posted on the university’s website. “State law and university policy prohibit bringing knives or other sharp instruments onto campus, but we will take the opportunity to learn by engaging in meaningful interactions with Sikh students and staff. .” Together, we believe we can find appropriate measures and educational opportunities that protect our campus and the religious practices of members of our community.

Along with that, he said our diversity makes us a better, richer and more prosperous community. We want everyone to feel welcome, supported and safe. We are sorry that this young man did not feel this in our union yesterday. We are committed to ensuring that this does not happen again.

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