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US think tank claims Ukraine uses captured Russian tanks



Strong points

Ukraine begins to use tanks left during the war by the Russian army
According to an American think tank, Russian T-72 tanks are used
Ukraine is growing very rapidly in the Russian-occupied Luhansk region

Kyiv. Ukraine is deploying captured Russian tanks to strengthen its advance in the northeastern region. This claim was made by an American think tank. On the other hand, Kyiv decided to advance on the areas occupied by Russia. The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War cited Russian claims that Ukraine was using T-72 tanks that were abandoned by Russian forces and that Ukraine is now trying to advance towards Luhansk, under Russian control.

“Russian troops, initially panicked by the counterattack, left high-quality equipment in working condition, while Russian troops left damaged equipment when they retreated from Kyiv in April,” the institute said. . Earlier this month, Ukraine launched counterattacks and its troops entered the vicinity of Kharkiv, its second largest city. Videos and photos show Ukrainian soldiers taking possession of tanks, ammunition and other weapons that Russian soldiers had left there during the retreat. Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers found graves near the town of Igeum.

Ukraine Accusation: Russia Tortured People in Occupied Territories

Ukrainian Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Yenin told a TV station that when authorities searched the graves, bodies were found and they appeared to have been tortured. He said the corpses had broken ribs, head bones, jaw bones and they had been tortured in other ways as well. Ukrainian officials have alleged that Russia persecuted people in the occupied territories, but Russia has denied these allegations. Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are advancing in the south of the country.

Russian military boat sunk in the river

The institute quoted the Ukrainian military as saying troops in Kyiv destroyed an ammunition depot, two command posts and an electronic warfare system. The Ukrainian army’s southern command said it sank a Russian boat carrying its soldiers and weapons in the Dnieper River near the Russian town of Nova Kakhovka in the early hours of Tuesday.

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