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US Think Tank CSIS Report: If China Attacks Taiwan, It Will Be Ruined, 10,000 Troops Will Be Killed, America and Japan Will Also Be Wounded



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10,000 Chinese servicemen will be killed in war with Taiwan, think tank estimates
“The 155 fighter planes and 138 large Chinese ships will be destroyed”
America and Japan will also engage in this war, both will suffer huge losses.

Washington. The conflict between China and Taiwan (China-Taiwan Tension) continues continuously. during this time An American think tank has analyzed until 2026 what would be lost if the Chinese dictator invaded Taiwan? The think tank said in its estimate that “there will be huge casualties, even the US and Japanese military will go into this war and support Taiwan, But in the end, only China must be defeated.

The Washington DC-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) prepared a report, which was published under the title “The First Battle of the Next War”. In this report, the situation of the Taiwan-China war game was shown. Chinese dictator Xi Jinping wants to make history by including Taiwan in his territory before 2027, but to do so he will have to wage a war, in which a huge loss will be registered for China.

The Chinese navy will be busy
According to the results published in the report, at the end of this war, at least two American aircraft will be sunk in the Pacific region, while the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy will be disorganized. At the beginning of the attack there will be a bombardment by China, which has been the rule of all wars. The mighty PLA Rocket Force and PLA Navy will surround Taiwan and attempt to land ships and planes on the island.

America and Japan will also fight with China
According to the report, thousands of Chinese troops will cross the Taiwan Strait, while airstrikes and airborne forces will land behind the bridgehead. However, according to CSIS, in the most likely baseline scenario, the Chinese offensive would quickly run out of steam, as Taiwanese ground forces would flood towards the beachhead despite heavy Chinese bombardment. Meanwhile, Taiwan will receive assistance from the United States and Japan, i.e. American submarines, bombers and attack aircraft, which will be supported by the Japan Self-Defense Forces ( JSDF).

Victory can come at a high price!
Even though the victory of Taiwan, America and Japan is expected in this war, hundreds of aircraft soldiers from the three countries will say goodbye to the world. Such a loss would damage America’s global reputation for many years to come. The report estimates that around 3,200 American soldiers will be killed in the three-week war, almost half of what the United States lost in the 20-year war in Iraq and Afghanistan, while that the Chinese navy will be in ruins, the 155 Chinese warplanes and 138 large ships will be destroyed, about 10,000 soldiers will be killed. If we talk about Japan, more than 100 aircraft and 26 warships will also be destroyed.

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