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USA student visa: America issued student visa to 1.25 lakh students, USA became the choice of students, more interest in masters program



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82,000 visas were issued between June and August this year
9.48 lakh students enrolled in 2021-22
Indian students enroll in masters programs in droves

America. The number of Indian students wishing to study in America is constantly increasing. Higher education in UNITED STATESBy the way, Indian students travel to many countries of the world to obtain). But America can be considered his big choice. A good example of this is that in 2022, America gave Indian students around 1,25,000 student visa (Student USA Visa) have been issued. It is also considered a record of visa issuance. This information was officially given by America itself.

According to ANI, while officially releasing the figures, America said that in the last year i.e. 2022, around 1.25 lakh student visas were issued by it for Indian students. Let’s say that a large number of students enroll for higher education in America. On the other hand, if it can be seen internationally, 9.14 lakh students enrolled in 2020-21 and 9.48 lakh students in 2021-22 from all over the world. Indian students have been enrolling in masters programs in large numbers.

Rise in number of Indian students in US, now ahead of China

According to a report, 82,000 visas were issued between June and August this year. This is the highest number among all countries. Counselor Don Heflin, Minister for Consular Affairs at the US Embassy in New Delhi, said 62,000 student visas were issued during the same period in 2021-22.

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