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Used to collect money from sex workers by counting condoms, used to run household businesses; You won’t believe after reading this mother and son book.



Ajibo-Garib: Nowadays, cases like prostitution are increasing in many countries. There are many such incidents where the whole family is also involved due to the financial crisis. Such an incident was reported in an American city in South Florida. Police have charged a family in which the mother and son run a brothel with their family business. According to the police, the sex worker here was paid according to the condom used.

Police say Glynn Yann Zuniga Latin, 28, and her mother Amparo Latin Barillas, 52, are suspected of not only selling 15-minute romances but also presenting children for sex. According to news outlet WPEC, the brothels were allegedly run from a home in South Florida, USA. Meanwhile, the women involved in the business were paid based on the number of condoms they received as a team.

Undercover customer ‘Johns’ was sent after police gathered evidence at the brothel and reported that 15-year-old girls had offered it to men for cash. On leaving there, the woman took away around Rs 4,000 in cash. Officials claim that the women who worked there had to establish relationships with 8 to 10 customers a day, in exchange they received Rs 2,000 per customer. Payment was made based on the number of condoms used in the room at the end of the shift.

Bank statements show the couple regularly deposited money into their accounts, although they have no proof of other income. Latin and Barillas were arrested earlier this month. What is surprising is that in such a strange case, the mother was involved with her son and was leading this illegal work.

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