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Uyghur Muslims could not be discussed at the Human Rights Council, India withdrew from the vote



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Uyghur Muslims could not be discussed at the CDH
Proposal made by Western countries rejected
India had walked away from the vote

Geneva. India did not take part in a vote at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) on Thursday on a resolution by Western countries calling for a debate on human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang province. . Western countries suffered a major setback due to India’s non-inclusion, as 17 countries voted in favor of the resolution while 19 countries voted against. For this reason, the proposal was rejected and China obtained its direct advantage.

In fact, countries like Canada, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Britain and America had presented a resolution against China at the United Nations Human Rights Council on atrocities committed against Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province, but the proposal was eventually quashed. This proposal was even supported by Turkey, Pakistan and Nepal, while India stayed away from it.

The defeat is only the second time in the council’s 16-year history that a resolution has been defeated. India was among 11 countries that did not participate in the 47-member body. India has traditionally fostered cooperative and constructive dialogue to address these issues.

When the resolution was introduced, Chinese Ambassador Chen Shuwest accused China of isolating it, saying that if China is targeted today, tomorrow any other developing country may be targeted as well.

Is China Committing Atrocities With Uyghur Muslims? What did the dragon say in the UN report?

US Ambassador Michelle Taylor said the request for debate was only meant to ‘provide a neutral forum for discussion’ which would give China a chance to record its views and hear others’ views , according to the AP. “No country represented here today has a perfect human rights record. “No country, however powerful, should be excluded from the Council’s discussions. This includes my country, America, as well as the People’s Republic of China.

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