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Uzbekistan invites India’s Election Commission to witness historic referendum



New Delhi. India’s Election Commission has been invited by Uzbekistan to observe the landmark referendum. In Uzbekistan, a “historic” referendum will be held on April 30 on several amendments to the country’s constitution. Dilshod Akhatov, Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to India, said the constitutions of 190 countries including India have been studied to bring a complete and comprehensive change to his country’s constitution. Important reforms have taken place in his country under the leadership of President Shaukat Merziyoyev and the modification of the constitution is part of this whole exercise.

Ambassador Dilshod Akhatov said that historic changes have taken place in my country in recent years. Our constitution will be holistic and comprehensive, which will lead Uzbekistan on a new path of development, growth and prosperity. This referendum is linked to the two-thirds modification of the current constitution of Uzbekistan. Preparations have been made to amend the constitution by studying the constitution and various laws and rules of many countries. Here, another official said that a historic referendum will be held on April 30 to reform the constitution and called on the Election Commission of India (ECI) to observe it.

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