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Very “frightening” injuries on the body of the fish, the image goes viral



Viral News: These days a fish has become a talking point in Australia. There are strange and very scary wounds on this fish. Seeing such wounds, you will be afraid. There are similar round-shaped wounds on the body of the fish. It is as if someone had taken a circular object and extracted the flesh from it. This picture is going more and more viral on social media these days and people are commenting and writing about this injury.

Blogger Jason Moyes posted this photo, people know him as “Trapman Bermagui”. He shared this photo on October 29. In which it was shown that at least half a dozen pieces of meat were missing from the stomach of the fish. Let us tell you that Moyes is a blogger known for catching strange creatures in South East Australia.

very special tuna
According to Jason Moyes, it is a tuna. Please say this fish is a treasure trove of nutrients. Tuna found in the sea is also good tasting. It is rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B, protein. According to doctors, this fish is considered good for the heart.

what people say
Her photo has garnered more than 1,100 reactions and comments on Facebook. Posting on Facebook, Daniel Rement wrote: “This looks like a terrible horror movie.” Moyes thinks it was a cookie cutter shark, a species that nibbles on its prey without killing it,

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